Open to any American Made Car – 1960 or newer.

Read Sections 1-11 first as they apply to this class

Track Raceceiver Mandatory


In the event your car does not fit the rules, but you wish to compete, please contact Black Rock Speedway ahead of time so we may make a determination on your car before you arrive.


Engine cubic inch displacement and the car weight must be displayed on the hood & the side of the race car.


ENGINE: V8-ONLY GM, FORD, CHRYSLER-Motor limits as follows:


  1. chassis


1960 or newer American manufacturer brand rear wheel drive passenger car. NO SUVs, or Jeeps. (03/20/14 - Update: removed the word 'trucks')


Minimum wheelbase 107” with 1” tolerance.


Roll Cage must be constructed using 1 1/2 .095 tubing Min.


                        Full frame cars can have rear frame from center of axle back replaced with 2x3 tubing.


Unibody cars can have the frame replaced with 2x3 tubing from 36” behind centerline of front wheels. 2x3 tubing must go over the rear end housing.


Front frame on all cars can be replaced forward of the steering box and idler arm only (front steer cars) with tubing.




All suspension and steering components must be OEM and in stock mounting location unless noted otherwise.


Lower control mounts must be in OEM location.


Tie rod ends may be replaced with heim joints.


Steering column may be replaced for safety.


Stock configuration steel aftermarket non-adjustable upper a-arms are allowed.


Steel body shocks front and rear. Stock or alternate locations allowed. One shock per wheel (NO ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS ALLOWED) Max. allowable shock cost $100/ea.,

weight “jack bolts”, adjustable spring spacers allowed.



No pull bars, torque arms, pan hard bars or leaf/coil type suspensions.


No three link rear suspensions.


Suspension bushings can be replaced with solid type rubber or steel bushings(NO MONO BALL TYPE)


Stock front clip must remain – NO fully tubed front clips allowed.



  1. BODY



Factory steel bodies may be gutted.


Roof and hood must be factory items or equivalent, subject to tech approval.

steel or aluminum roofs must be a min thickness of .040.


Fiber glass roof and hood only allowed subject to tech approval.


Spoiler allowed, max height of 5”. Width no wider than than body.


Side body panels may be replaced with sheet metal or aluminum min .040.


Aftermarket front covers mandatory rear bumper covers optional. NO late model style down force noses allowed. (NO fiberglass).


Front and rear bumpers must be constructed of round tubing only no angle iron or channel iron allowed.


Rear bumper must run the entire width of body and be min of 12” in height from ground.

NO 90 degree corners will be permitted. Round radius or 45 degree to meet side body panel. All bars MUST remain inside the body except for door bars.


All exterior side rails, front and rear bumpers WILL have rounded edges and exposed bolts must be carriage bolts. BRS will have ( Bob Teed) Safety Tech to police such items for enforcement and other safety items.


Mandatory loop bar or heavy chain front and rear for wrecker use is mandatory and will be strictly enforced, max. length is width of frame. No overbuilt bumpers "Cowcatcher's" will be allowed.


Any and all rub rails must be tight against the body, enclosed on both ends as well as anchored within 3” of each end. External rub rails are permitted between front and rear tires only.


All crash rails/bumper supports must be located inside of body panels both front and rear.


No sharp edges, open tube ends on bumpers or rub rails on outside of the body.


Front and rear bumpers may be replaced with round tubing.


Cars must look clean and presentable: body damage on cars should be repaired promptly.


Max body width will be 82”






One aluminum or copper/brass radiator must be located in front of engine.


Cast iron or aluminum water pump allowed.


Electric fans allowed.




602 crate motor acceptable: must follow D.I.R.T. crate motor rules with a 6200 chip.


All engines must remain stock stroke for Mfg. and cu. in.



Maximum cubic inch. GM 350+ .070 overbore; Ford 351+ .070 over bore; Chrysler 360 & G.M. 400 + .040 overbore; No stroker engine of any type.


All G.M. 400's will run 1 + 11/16" Restrictor plate Stock item straight 4-hole, no additional machine work. 


Stock production blocks only.


1” pipe plug must welded in oil pan for viewing of rods and crank.


HEADS: Stock cast iron / bowtie heads –  intake valve 2.02” – 1.5 exhaust maximum (exception: Ford/Chrysler maximum 1.6”. Allowable heads must have casting number. Vortec heads will have a max 1.94-1.5 valves. Vortec heads allowed are: No. 10239906, 12552520 & 12558062 . (No aftermarket or high performance Vortec heads). Non-Performance World Product Stock Replacement Chevy Heads allowed. Part numbers World 043600 or World 043610. Pined or screw in studs on heads are legal. Push rods, rocker arms & valve springs must be stock type. Any roller rocker allowed. Ball tip pushrods allowed. Any type lock nuts on rocker arms allowed. No shaft rockers. Stud Girdle allowed. Push rod guide plates allowed. NO FORD GT HEADS ALLOWED.


Heads continued: NO hand grinding, sanding, blending, or de-burring where a cutter or stone or stone leaves off. The amount of metal you will be able to remove in the bowl areas on both intake and exhaust will be determined by the same method used by dirt inspectors. Method of checking will be as follows:


On the exhaust side the header will be removed and the inspector will place a tool in the port which will consist of a .531” diameter ball bearing welded to a shaft. With the valve fully open, the ball will be placed against the valve stem and moved to the full circle around the valve stem. If the ball drops down through the valve seat in any position around the full circle of the valve stem, It will be deemed illegal.  On the intake side the intake will be removed and the same procedure will be done using a ball size of .787”. NOTE : these methods of checking the head will hold true with a cold or hot engine.


Part numbers on cyl. heads must be visual and unaltered.


NO race flow, cut down or none OEM valves allowed.


Steel or aluminum roller rockers allowed. NO mixing sizes max ratio 1.6.


( NO shaft rocker arm setups allowed, Except stock Chrysler OEM).


Pump gas or standard race fuel only---NO performance enhancing additives or alcohol.


Any flat tappet cam or hydraulic cam with functional NON-roller lifters allowed.


Flat top pistons only.


NO piston may extend beyond the surface of block deck.


Stock unaltered crankshafts or aftermarket equivalent only. Connecting rods must be stock steel I-beam unaltered up to 5.7”.  NO 6” rods allowed. NO lightning before balancing on rotating assembly. Balancing and weight matching allowed.


Engine setback is limited to the #1 spark plug even with the upper ball joint.


Factory stock distributors, points, HEI only. Aftermarket replacement parts allowed. NO printed boards or traction control devices of any type allowed.







Factory stock two barrel or box stock Holley 4412, and for the 4412 to be legal it must pass tech by track tools.


NOTE track tools will not fit some Holleys, numbered 4412-S (may not pass tech)


Please take note that GO NO GO gages will be used.


Cast iron 2 barrel passenger type intake manifold, No marine or military type manifolds allowed. Aluminum intake allowed as follows:

-chevy: Weiand part #7547, 7547-1 & Edelbrock #5001,  #2101 or #2116

-ford: weiand part # 7515, 7516 & edelbrock #5021, 5081, 2760

-chrysler Weiand part # 7545 & Edelbrock #5076

-chrysler w-2 heads Weiand # 2920


NOTE  Only two unaltered carb adaptors will be allowed: Part # BRP-377 & HV-301-1 or equivalent. With max thickness of 1 1/8” including gasket.


NO bevel radius or tapering to said item.




NO sideways mounted carburetors.  


Wet sump only.


No electric fuel pumps.






Factory stock automatic or standard transmissions only. All gears must work—NO direct drives allowed.


Manual transmissions must have a full steel bell housing.


Forward and reverse must work with the engine running with foot on the brake.


Factory stock steel flywheel and factory stock steel pressure plate housing, one clutch disc only. NO AFTER MARKET PRESSURE PLATE OR CLUTCH DISC.


Stock Size functional torque converter must measure min. 10.5-in. O.D.


No parts may be added or removed.


All cars running Automatic transmissions are recommended to run a scatter shield safety blanket.


No hollow convertors allowed or any method of creating a direct drive system.


Steel drive shaft only painted white.


Drive shaft must have two hoops one no more than 6” from the front u-joint and one in the middle of drive shaft.





Coil cars must use lower trailing arms that meet OEM specs, length, location and have rubber or steel bushings (NO MONO BALL).


Upper control arms may be fabricated and adjustable with heim joints.


Springs must be located in stock location on the top of the rear end housing.


Factory stock rear ends only, Mounts must remain in stock location.


Ford 9" may use steel mini spool or full spool.


Leaf springs allowed, Must be magnetic – adjustable sliders allowed.


Adjustable spacer blocks CAN NOT be adjustable.


Full floaters allowed.


NO pull bars, torque arms, pan hard bars or leaf/coil type suspensions.


NO three link rear suspensions.


NO uniball  suspension  allowed in any location.


NO traction control devices.


NO quick change, posi, locker, gleason, or gold track rear ends.









8.       WHEELS & TIRES:



Maximum 8” wide steel rims, any backspace, No bead locks except on Right Front and Right Rear.


BRS Tire will be American Racer 245-70-15.


Must use at least ½ “ lugs with 1” racing lug nuts.


Grooving, grinding and siping are allowed.


Tire Plug allowed on RF and RR only.


NO chemical treating


NO wide five Rims or hubs.


  1.  BRAKES:


Car must have four fully functional OEM style calipers and rotors “ STEEL ONLY”. Balance bars are allowed with external or remote adjusters.




A foam filled fuel cell in a steel container is mandatory with a max capacity of 22 US gallons.


Fuel cell must be securely fastened in the trunk area of the car.


Cell over flow must have a role over valve either internal or external. A PVC valve is recommended externally. This will prevent tech from asking you to remove the foam from your cell for safety inspections.




Cast iron unaltered exhaust manifolds or street type headers. Crossover headers allowed –NO headers or any part of the exhaust may be interconnected at any point.


Exhaust must exit behind the driver.


Mufflers are mandatory and must past track meter reading of 95 decibels.


1 5/8  or 1 ¾ headers.  NO 180 degree or step headers allowed.




12.  SAFETY:             


Driver seat must be located in stock OEM position . Seat must be a minimum of 25” in front of the rear axle housing, measured to the rear bottom of the diver seat.


Gloves and neck brace are required.


NO fiberglass seats.


Five point racing safety harness is mandatory.


Head and neck restraints are recommended.


Holes through firewall should be kept to a minimum and sealed.


Window nets are mandatory.


Battery:  (one 12 volt battery only) battery must be mounted in such a manner that it will not break free from it’s mounting location. It is recommended that it be mounted in a marine type battery box.


Highly recommended Min. 16 gauge Steel Plate Welded to out side of Left Side Drivers roll cage bars. Mandatory with aluminum door panel.


  1. NOTES:  


Black Rock Speedway Tech reserves the right to check and deem any car in competition illegal at Black Rock, regardless of home track.


Items not covered in these rules are at the discretion of Black Rock Speedway Tech Officials.


In the interest of fair competition BRS reserves the right to address any over competitive race car.


NO mirrors, two way radio or phone devises allowed. If any of these items are found in a car competing at Black Rock Speedway, That driver will lose all money for that evenings event as well as all points earned to date.


  1. WEIGHT:


Minimum weight with driver after heat and feature is 3000 lbs., CRATE engine cars 2800 .lbs, 400 G.M. 3,200 lbs.




TRACK SCALES WILL BE USED TO DETERMINE WEIGHT! If you are found to be under weight you may request the head tech ( Mark Wallenbeck ) be present to confirm the findings of scale personnel. Those findings will be final.