FWD 4CYL Division


In the event of a serious injury Black Rock Speedway (BRS) reserves the right to impound any car involved in the accident.


BRS reserves the right to tear down the top three (3) and or any car at random.


Tech could include one or all of the following: VIN tag, VIN factory stamp on firewall (some manufactures) removal of the head, intake, exhaust and oil pan in addition to any other part(s) to determine legality by BRS Tech official. The car will be raised on a lift for undercarriage & suspension inspections.


All OEM plugs (OBDII, etc.) must be available and functioning in order to pass inspection. Engine must pull 17" of vacuum at 1,000 RPM by BRS equipment. All cars required to have an easy to access port with fitting or hose for testing engine vacuum.


The frame and suspension must remain absolutely stock for the make model and year of the car. NO modifying of the suspension is allowed. NO overload springs, oversize sway bars or spring assisted shocks allowed. Stabilizer links must be of equal length in size and installed correctly and must include rubber/nylon bushings. It is understood that occasional repairs must be made to suspension parts, but repairs are allowed only to restore parts to there original strength or design and NOT to enhance performance in any way.


NO weights will be allowed of any type. Minimum weight is 1800 lbs.


The engine must remain completely stock as manufactured and meet all OEM   specifications for the year, make and model used. NO porting, polishing, acid dipping or port matching of any components.


All cars must be Front Wheel Drive (FWD), 4-cylinder, non-turbo charged cars. No pick-ups, Jeeps, or convertibles.


The stock carburetor, fuel injection, air intake system for that make and model must be used.


The stock transmission for that make and model must be used.


Batteries in the stock location must be securely mounted. If the battery is relocated, it must be securely mounted with a steel tie down and in a marine type plastic box to hold the acid contents within the battery. If the battery can be moved at all by Tech inspector, you will be required to put it back under the hood.


A master cut off switch MUST be installed and located between the steering wheel and drivers door “A” post. Also must be labeled ON/OFF.


The stock unaltered rear end for that make and model must be used. NO rear sway bars allowed.

All season passenger tires and wheels only are permitted, 13”, 14”, 15” must be OEM steel or aluminum with standard bead bump with max rim width of 7”. NO racing, aggressive or winter tires allowed (subject to tech approval). Tire size may vary. NO siping, softening, or grooving allowed. All 4 wheels must be of the same size and offset. NO wheel spacers or bleeder valves allowed. Aftermarket racing wheels are allowed (must maintain stock offset for the car being used). Reinforcement of the right front wheel is recommended.


Original gas tanks must remain in stock location, skid plates must be installed to protect the fuel tank. Installed fuel cells must be located in the trunk. It must be secured with steel straps. Two from side to side and two front to back. Trunk floor must remain stock, no lowering of the fuel cells.


It is mandatory for all FWD cars to have a “shark type panel” be mounted on the roof with the car number. This must be securely fastened to the roof of the car. If for any reason it comes off of the car, the car will be immediately disqualified.


Driver’s seat must be an approved aluminum racing seat, have a minimum 5 point racing harness and mounted directly to roll cage.


Full roll cage is recommended, including front and rear loops to protect the driver’s legs and feet. At  minimum  6 point roll cage with a HALO bar is mandatory Must have a minimum of (2) 1½” horizontal door bars to protect the driver, on the left side.  You must have a minimum of the following:



The driver’s door must be securely fastened.


All glass and plastic trim must be removed from the outside of the body. All headlights, taillights, marker lights, grills, mirrors, door handles, and any miscellaneous exterior plastic must be removed. Windshield may remain.


It is recommended that all drivers wear a clean one piece driver’s uniform with nomex underwear, head sock, gloves, foot socks and shoes.


It is mandatory that as a minimum all drivers wear a fire resistant race suit. No polyester must be present.


A driver’s side window net is mandatory.


All drivers must wear a 2005 or newer SNELL approved full face helmet.


A neck brace is mandatory.

The driver’s floor pan must be complete, no holes of any kind.


The exhaust must exit behind the driver’s compartment mufflers mandatory.


No suggestive language, symbols and/or numbers are permitted on the cars.


No radio communication.


Anything not covered in these rules will be up to the discretion of the track tech officials’, their decision is final.