DRIVERS INFORMATION : Driver and pit crew must be 16 years of age or older. Drivers 16 and 17 years old are permitted with a signed release by parent and must be notarized. A 2nd release must be signed upon entry. Pit crew 16 and 17 years old must have a parent or guardian with them at the pit gate to sign a minor’s release. 

Drivers must wear clean long sleeve shirt and long pants when in competition (coveralls or fire suit recommended.) Drivers must wear a SNELL 85 or DOT approved helmet. (Full-face helmet recommended) some form of eye protection required.

Drivers may enter as many cars as there are qualifying heats.

CONDUCT: Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crewmembers. Any driver or crewmember not obeying the rules will be disqualified.

No alcoholic beverages allowed in pits or on grounds. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to run.

All cars are inspected; cars not meeting regulations will not be allowed to run. No money refunded.

Any car stalled, stuck or hooked for more than 1 minute will be disqualified. No sand bagging allowed, you will be disqualified. All participants must adhere to NYS law regarding Towing of vehicle. 


1.Profanity or obscene gestures on vehicles is not permitted. You must put a number on both doors and on the roof of vehicle. 
2. Body: Loose materials, mirrors, wheel covers, sharp hood ornaments, and lights, must be removed. No trailer hitches. All chrome and glass (windshields, side, and back windows) must be removed. 
3. All doors must be secured. Driver’s side doors may be welded on all seams partially or fully or can be chained shut. Passengers doors can be chained or welded if welded they are to be done 3” on 3” off with sections of rod or straps. WELDS  MUST  BE ON EXTERIOR SEAMS ONLY. (IF WELDED) 
4. Rollover bars are not permitted.  A 4-way cage can be used with a bar near the dash area and a bar behind  the drivers seat welded to the sides of the car. Plates no larger than 6x6. Side bars will be welded or bolted from front bar to rear bar only. Side bars will not be connected to the side of the car. Nothing will be connected to the frame in any way. Spreader bar behind drivers seat can still be used. CANNOT EXTEND 6” PAST FRONT DOOR SEAM. Halo bars can also be used if connected to side bars only. 
5. Motor mounts may be welded or chained. Body mounts may be replaced with bolts, and up to 4” x 4” washers. Must remain in factory location 5/8” – ¾” bolt max. Sub Framing is allowed must remain in factory location. No additional mounts. 
6.Cold Bending is allowed. Slider drive Shafts are allowed.  You can pitch or tilt 80's or newer Ford's, but it must be done in one or two ways. 1: Cold pitch at crush box -NO ADDED METAL. 2: Cut 3 of the flaps at cursh box, drop the front frame section and re-weld (just these 3 flaps) do not re-weld any other crush box seams - NO ADDED METAL- you can use up to a 6 inch spacer in front. Re-rod cannot go through the hood. TILTED CARS WILL RUN WITH THE BIG CARS OR IMPERIALS!
7. Rear end gears may be welded. 
8. Battery may be placed anywhere under the hood or may be located in the cockpit, but must be fastened securely to the passenger side floor or seat and fully covered by a rubber mat. 
9.Fan blade must be clutch-type or electric fan and may be of any make or model. Original equipped, belt driven fans must be protected by a radiator fan shroud or the fan blades must be removed. Ignition may be altered, toggle or wires OK. 
10.FENDERS: may be pinched together and max. of  FIVE  5/16 inch bolts or smaller  may be used. 
11.Gas tanks may be moved, but must be securely fastened to the trunk or back seat area, also must be covered with sheet metal. May use original tank or metal boat or snowmobile tank. No tin cans, plastic or fiberglass tanks allowed. If original tank is used it MUST be chained or strapped up. Gas lines may run through inside of the car, must be securely fastened. 
12.Radiator may be bypassed, but must remain in original position with no reinforcements. All anti-freeze should be drained and replaced with water. 
13.HOOD AND TRUNKS: After inspection you can use a ¼ chain in center, but must have 2 links of slack and cannot reinforce any other part of the car or you can use 2 strands of coat hanger wire on each side but must be attached to fender only. If you strap hood down, you must cut a hole in the hood, 1 foot to the side of the center of the air cleaner and no larger than 8 inches in diameter. All hood and trunk latch springs must be removed. Hinges must remain hooked up. Trunks can be welded 3” on 3” off with sections of rod or straps only. Exterior seams only. If trunk is welded a 12”x18” hole must be cut in the CENTER of the trunk. IF HOOD IS CUT: you may use up to TEN 5/16 inch bolts or smaller to pinch together. 
14.All carpet, visors, upholstery, door panels, and both seat cushions must be removed. All dirt and loose pieces of glass must be swept out of the car. 
15. All sunroofs must be covered with metal. 
16.SUSPENSION: You may use a small piece of wire to hold coil springs in. May be fixed to height of 24” to center of bumper. No reinforcing of frame. Rods, welds, and bolts, etc. may be used to achieve desired height.  LEAF SPRINGS – 4 CLAMPS PER SIDE ONLY including factory ones NO DUC TAPE 
17.Any ply tires can be used.. Up to 16” only. No reinforcing the rims. All wheel weights must be removed. Valve stems protectors may be used.  Tire inside tire allowed. 
18. Transmission mount may be welded. Floor shifters are allowed, but lever must have ball on end with no sharp edges. The floor around shifter must have a rubber boot to prevent objects, etc. from entering cockpit. Transmission lines may be by passed. Transmission cooler can be used inside car if safe and secure. 
19.Exhaust pipes may go through hood, but must be installed safely. 
20.BUMPERS: You may weld or re-bolt the bumper to the bumper mount (bumper must remain at stock location) do not mount bumper on top of frame. Bolt only through 1 layer of frame (not straight through). Bolts are not to exceed 5/8 inch. You may weld shock bumper. (weld only) No adding any metal to the bumper. You may weld bumper to frame NO PLATES. Any questions call. A 3/8” CHAIN CAN BE CONNECTED TO THE BUMBER (WELDED OR BOLTED) AND MUST BE BOLTED TO THE FRAME, ONE LAYER OF FRAME ONLY.  
21. All decisions are final. No appeal process is implied or allowed. Officials have the right to alter the program at any time for necessary changes only. Even if your vehicle passes inspection prior to the derby, winner will be re-inspected, only driver allowed with car on re-inspection. 
22. After the derby has started you may not switch drivers without approval from John King only. Only qualified drivers are allowed in feature. 
23.Sedaga’s are now allowed but inspectors must be able to see inside  and a hole must be cut for visibility. 
24. Absolutely no other welding on vehicle at all. Also no other changes are to be made on vehicle other than those listed above.
25.All contestants will have one (1) minute to restart and /or make contact with a live car. NO TRAPPING will be allowed. All drivers must stay in their cars while on the track unless told by officials to exit vehicle. No smoking in/or on track.
26.We will stop the event in for fire, accident or safety concerns. 
27. Safety belts, eye protection, and DOT helmet are required and must be secure at all times while on track. Long sleeve shirts and pants MUST be worn. (We encourage firesuits) NO SHORTS.
28.Judges decision is FINAL. We Reserve the right to reject and all all entries, rules are subject to change.        
FOR ALL QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL JOHN KING @ 315-750-6956 OR 315-368-7957 OR EMAIL or send message through facebook king's smash'em crash'em demolition derby.